Welcome to the Digital Collections Platform

The National Library of Greece, custodian and steward of Greece’s intellectual heritage, invites you to discover the wealth of the nation’s legacy, through a vast collection of digitized resources.

The Digital Collections consist of unique and rare essays of particular historical and cultural value. The aim is to expand the Digital Collections with additional material and new collections, allowing for the coverage of a wider range of themes, disciplines, and time periods. The digitization and open access of the collections create a new digital experience for the user, broadening the horizons of research and knowledge.

Benefits and features

Users have open access to rare and valuable high-resolution materials, that enable the research, study, and worldwide endorsement and dissemination of the historical and cultural wealth of Greece.

A fount of resources is available for research, collaborations to host and promote NLG digital collections externally are being developed and encouraged, the education process is enhanced and enriched, and innovation is fostered.

In the near future, registered users will be able to download low-resolution copies of digital materials, and assist in the historical and semantic enrichment of the collections through content annotation.